Risk On / Risk Off Fund

The Opposite of "Buy & Hold"

The AmericaFirst Risk On / Risk Off Fund seeks to achieve capital appreciation with a focus on producing positive returns regardless of the direction of the financial markets.​


Each Month, the Fund utilizes eight factors from the following categories to determine an allocation between stocks (Risk On) and bonds (Risk Off) .  The factors can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Technical

  • Macro Economic

  • Valuation

  • Seasonal

A Dynamic Rules-Driven Process

Each of the aforementioned factors represents an equal-weighted allocation of the Fund's portfolio.  As an example, if 1/2 of the factors are risk off, then 50% of the portfolio will invest in mid-term Treasury bonds while the remaining 50% will invest in stocks.

When the AmericaFirst Risk On / Risk Off Fund invests in stocks, it implements a rules-based screening process focusing on large cap stocks with strong operating earnings yield, share buyback yield, earnings growth and price momentum.